I code.

Get the worth of your GitHub account

Calculate a very accurate worth of your GitHub account. Don't let people scam you!

Instant withdrawal!

HTMX without a Server

The HTMX Serverless extensions adds a quick way to bypass certain requests.

With HTMX Serverless you can define your own responses on the frontend based on the request path.

Flappy Bird in TypeScript

The Flappy Bird game written compltely in TypeScript, packed into a NPM package.

Do not get angry while playing.

Ajax Search Pro

DoMini javascript library

DoMini is a minimalistic HTML document manipulation and traversal tool.

Syntactically indentical to jQuery, but much smaller with only the essential features.

Cookie Clicker AI Experiment

Using a javascript neural network (brain.js) to play Cookie Clicker, also experimenting with a Genetic alrorithm.

TypeWriter Effect Script

A simple but very usable TypeWriter effect script, written in vanilla javascript (ES6), only about ~2KB in size

Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

Live search plugin for WordPress CMS platforms. Been working on this for over 10 years. It is fun.

Guaranteed best plugin out there pinky promise.

>> More info <<

Selective Plugin Loader for WordPress

A simple to use WPMU plugin to conditionally control which plugins should be loaded on which page.

This website

It's a work of art, I know.

Feel free to use this as you template, the full site source can be found in the Github Repository

Don't forget to remove or replace the Google Tag Manager codes in the index.html file